Useful Contacts

The Committee Members

Pam Adams
021 175 7975

Renee Casserly
022 163 2588

Mike Crowther
022 648 3003

Neal Ghoshal
021 180 7867

Ann Jocelyn
021 216 7752

Chris Poland
021 372 379

Dave Mountford
09 372 5040 | 021 584 458


Deirdre Harkin
0274 346 005

Lorraine Irvine

Hall Helpers

Maintenance, Lighting etc – Mike Crowther
022 648 3003

Cleaner – Natalie Emtage
022 1391084

Cleaner – Margaret Johnson
022 3807326

Website – Neal Ghoshal
372 7650 | 021 180 7867

Norman Walkington – has been so helpful with accounts
0210 630 404 | 09 372 4441

The Fire Service and Fire Alarms

Emergency Fire callout: 
Local Fire Brigade – 111, to switch off alarm.

Darren Powell – Alarm Service Supervisor
Mobile 027 290 9099 | Ph 09 525 0055

To reset the alarm:

Mike Crowther, 372 2262 or 022 648 3003 who is on our Committee and also has access to the keys

or ring Graeme Smith, 372 4130; 027- 203 0597

or BJK – Brian Hodgson , 372 7978 or 0275 2267, who are Electricians

or Auckland Branch of Fire Security 09 525 0055.

It is very important for the alarm to be reset or we are not insured. Then notify the committee of the event as all systems then have to be checked out.

Trades people we currently use who give us quick response service

Grant Payne
372 7748 | 027 295 3028
Grant has done all the building work for the upgrade of the buildings for many years – more than 10 years. He knows the building intimately and has done so all his life. He has just retired from active building work but is still willing to consult or give information from his experience here. He was my own builder from 1989 to the present.

Digger Ruru
02114 22669 |  
Digger is a Licensed Building Professional Practioner. # 109361. We need that qualification for Morra work now. He is currently doing some work on my house and is conscientious and reliable and easy to discuss the work with. He is willing to work with Morra and could be the first person to call in emergencies. He would assess the need and either attend to it or call the right tradesperson.

Electrician: BJK Brian Hodgson
372 7978 | 021 0275 2267

Brian has been the MORRA electrician for many years. He knows the electrical systems in the whole complex. He has renewed and repaired many aspects of it and advised us when things were aging or needed up grading .Last year he replaced the wall mounted heaters which were out of date and rewired where necessary. At one stage the building was a sewing factory and had been set up for rows of electric sewing machines. He has been the High School electrician for years and did the wiring for their computer systems and also for their new library.

Plumber: Aaron Nelson – Evenflow Plumbers
027 233 0023, try here first. Then office 372 6327 who will say he is too busy so leave message for him to ring you or retry his mobile. Aaron is very willing to do work for us, and responds to emergencies as well as other work. He is Natalie, the cleaner’s big brother.

Painter: Simon Appleby
372 4313 | 027 560 8244

Simon painted the whole Hall four years ago when we were renovating.

Lawn Mowing: Bladerunner
372 4399

Septic Tank: Waiheke Septic Tank Services Ltd.
372 7015. P.O.Box 736, Onetangi.1841
They do our septic tank cleaning. We are on their file and they send a reminder every three years.

372 2007
To clear the rainheads and roof gutters of pine needles and to
 waterblast clean the exterior walls in about May each year. Ask for a quote and then apply to Waiheke Board for grant for the work before doing the work. It is their pine tree over the road and they advised us to apply for a grant each time.

Appliance Repairs: New Generation
72 7643

The Glass Man: Waiheke Glass
Tahi Road

Registered Architect: Phil Blackwood
372 6445 | 0274 995 111

Phil is doing the drawings for our stage improvements grantapplication.

Most Things Considered: Roger Ramsell
372 6233 | 
Roger is a very helpful person for rubbish removal, waterblasting, odd jobs, tank cleaning etc. Ask and he will say if he can do it.

Painter / Waterblasting / Roof Spray and Clearing Gutters: Tony
021 025 98872

Waiheke Arborist and Tree Care Ltd.
372 2707 |
38a Tahi Road
Do our tree trimming or removal.

Flooring: Ross Harvey
372 6085 | 027 674 0398

Ross lays all flooring and sands and seals. Lots of experience over many years.

Signage: Pukeko Signs
Stuart Velvin and Ayla: 372 9222

Stu has created all our recent signage and noticeboards.