Terms and Conditions
Of Hiring The Hall and Meeting Room

Please Note: with any hirage of the Main Hall or Meeting Room, you as the hirer agree to these terms and conditions.

Please do read these carefully and if you have any questions do contact us for any clarification.

  1. Any hire is at the discretion of the Hall Committee, and conditions may be varied by the Committee.
  2. Please read our current terms and conditions relating to hiring Morra Hall and the Meeting Room under the Covid Traffic Light Alert System.
  3. The Hall Committee reserves the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances should the hall be required for community use. We will provide a full refund.
  4. Hirers agree that for their own and everyone’s safety, they will NOT have naked flames or candles in the Hall or Meeting Room (they set off the fire alarm), and will provide their own torch for safety in case of a power cut.
  5. If the fire alarm is set off from candles, or steam from a kettle, or accidentally otherwise, the fire service charges the hall a $1000 + GST fee which is passed onto the hall user, along with an admin fee.The kitchens are not set up for cooking for large groups. In the past this has set off our fire alarms and again the above fees are passed along.
  6. The car park is available for all users of the main all and the Meeting Room too. Please be mindful not to block anybody in. If necessary you can park in the parking bays across the road near the Waiheke Resource Centre.
  7. Hirers agree to indemnify the Hall against any damage to the hall or its equipment.
  8. Hirers are responsible for cleaning up after using the hall. The hall should be left in the condition it was in before the hire. All rubbish must be removed from the hall and the area around it. Lights, heaters and electrical appliances must be turned off.
  9. If the hall and surrounds are not left clean and tidy, the hirer will be charged an additional fee to pay for a cleaner.
  10. For certain one-off events we may well require a $300 bond deposit, repayable if the hall or meeting rooms are left how they were found.
  11. Loud music must stop by 11pm.
  12. If a party is a teenage party, two parents must be attending at all times. Teenage parties involving alcohol are not permitted.
  13. Noise levels should not be excessive. Hirers should respect the fact that the hall is located close to residential properties. Doors and shutters should be closed when loud music is being played.
  14. No sticking posters on the paint work.
  15. The use of gear or equipment that the hall does not provide may incur an additional charge. For example, special stage lighting may incur an extra charge to cover electricity.
  16. Hirers agree to obtain a temporary liquor licence if they wish to sell alcohol to persons attending any function or event in the hall (no licence is required for BYO events).
  17. When there is alcohol being consumed we require that a number of tables and chairs are put out to cover half the hall, so that people can sit and drink – this helps there be less spillage on the floor.
  18. If a hirer wishes to leave the hall or stage arranged in a way that impairs the hall’s use by other hirers, they will be charged a block booking covering the period between their setting up and vacating the hall, whether or not the hirer is actually in occupation of the hall during this time.
  19. Hirers agree not to move the piano. A breach of this condition will incur a charge of $350, being the cost of re-tuning the piano. The piano may only be used if agreed beforehand with the hall.
  20. The Morra Hall committee is not affiliated and does not support any political or cultural views belonging to organisations or individuals who hire the hall.We also reserve the right to cancel any booking if it becomes clear that a group or individual supports hate speech, white supremacy or extreme views. We do not allow any discrimination based upon age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, body type, personal appearance, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status, marital status, political activities, or affiliation or any other basis proscribed by local and national laws and regulations.
  21. We also reserve the right to cancel any booking which may create an unsafe environment for the hall, the neighbourhood or the members of the hall association.
  22. If you need to make changes to your booking, it is your responsibility to inform the hall immediately – please email info@morrahall.co.nz
  23. Cancellations within 48 hours of your booking will incur the full booking fee.
  24. The MORRA Committee reserve the right to change the hall and meeting room hire rates.
  25. These terms and conditions are subject to change. Please come back and check these regularly.

Please note these terms and conditions are in place to serve you and serve all hall users so that we can continue to serve the Waiheke Community. Thank you.